Go to the track!

Imagine this: you drive on the highway, gently cruising at the speed limit. You get closer to a car in the right lane that is a bit slow, and you decide to take over, but you don’t want to risk paying a fine, so you gently pass it, and remain below said limit. You’ve got time, you don’t care.

All of a sudden, a vehicle fills your rearview mirror, blinking its turn signal at best, flashing his headlights at worst. It’s so close to your rear bumper you can make out the color of the driver’s eyes. You go back on the right lane after having thought a number of profanities in your head, and the car behind zooms past you at 160 kph. That dude needs to chill!

Photo: Texa

But how? He would need a dedicated place to drive fast in a safe way! Does such a place exist? Yes. Yes it does. It’s called a racetrack, and contrarily to what you may think, it’s not a millionaire’s luxury.

Racetracks are awesome. You can get there with your car, and drive on a very large road, without a single policeman! Everyone goes fast and in the same direction! You’ll see more interesting cars in a single day than you see in an entire year on the road!

Go there from time to time. It’s between 100€ and 200€ a day and then your aggressivity on the road just fades away. Plus, you might learn a thing or two about your car and have A LOT of fun.

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