Keep your old car!

I’m a car guy, and as such, nothing brings me more joy than a friend saying “I want to buy a car”. But 90% of the time, their reasons are just infuriating.

“I just feel so much safer in a 2.5 ton SUV”

“I have one kid now, I need a vehicle that can sit 7 and haul a trailer”

“My ride has reached 100 000km, running costs will start creeping up”

All of this is just insane! Let’s address the one that pisses me off the most: a car that has more than 100 000km becomes “expensive”. Yeah, it’s totally worth it to splurge 17k€ in a new 308 in order to avoid a freaking oil change and a new belt! Clearly no car has ever lived longer than 100 000km! Better sell that ticking time bomb!

Photo: Texa

I’m the proud owner of a 20 year old Clio 2 that now has 230 000 km. And beyond fluid changes, filters and spark plugs (things you have to change BEFORE 100k by the way), the only extra maintenance operations I had to do were an alternator, a timing belt and a bit of rust treatment. This extra maintenance for an additional 100 000 km amounted to less than 2500€. Find me a low mileage car for that price.

Second of all is the “practicality” issue. I’m not saying you don’t need space if you have a kid or two, but a big part of my childhood was spent in a Ford Fiesta mkIV next to my sister, crossing half of Europe to go on vacation. So excuse me for calling BS on the Land Rover for one child issue.

Photo: MARC912374

Finally, do you know why you feel safer in a SUV compared to a hatchback? Because you sit above every one else. But now that everybody on the road has a damn tank it’s not the case anymore! Normal vehicles can’t see beyond you though, and pedestrians run the risk of being hit in the nose by your front bumper but, hey! YOU feel safer! That’s what matters! You’ll just buy a new 6×6 G-class when your SUV reaches 100 000km and you don’t feel safe anymore!

Photo: Mercedes

If you WANT to change your car, be my guest, but change for good reasons, and don’t lie to yourself. If you want a shiny new thing just admit it. I sure didn’t come up with any excuse to buy a roadster! Otherwise, find a good mechanic, buy a roof box and learn to conquer your insecurity. I’ll just hold on to the Clio, I have made too many fond memories in it to sell it.

Photo: Texa

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